Item #629326 Solitude: Snow and Ice. Philip Blair, Lisa Hess, Phil Bevis, Elena Hoyt.

Solitude: Snow and Ice

Chatwin Books, 2023. First Edition. Paperback. New. Item #629326
ISBN: 163398155X

New! In the dead of winter, during a period of extreme personal sadness and loss, photographer Philip Blair embarked on a solo road trip through Washington, Oregon and northern Nevada. This would become not only a tour of surreal beauty and snow-covered landscapes, but an extreme mind-travel expedition. His solitude would allow him the time and space to assess what was important, and what was not. The act of photographing and journaling his experiences led to a personal transformation. He returned to a home and life fuller and more meaningful than the one he had left just ten days before. “Life becomes simpler—less agonizing, more manageable—as I recognize how much of my “reality” is painted by my moods, which are not always rational. I am learning to accept my emotions, not as bad or good, but as simply and distinctly human.” - Solitude: Snow and Ice, by Philip Blair Philip Blair is an outdoor photographer, teacher and field guide based in the Pacific Northwest. His work is inspired by a desire to create visuals that instill calmness and presence. He received his Bachelor of Science in anthropology and archaeology. When he is not writing, teaching, or shooting photography, he can be found traveling and spending time with his wife.

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