Item #610848 Firmament Vol. 2, No. 2

Firmament Vol. 2, No. 2

Sublunary Editions. Trade Paperback. New. Item #610848

New! Contents: 'Masterpiece' Ramón López Velarde, tr. Jorge Rafael Abuchedid; 'Far from the Sea' Dawn Raffel; 'At a Ball Anna Margolin, tr. Daniel Kennedy'; 'Laconic Langlois; or, Against the Metaphysics of Silence' Duncan Stuart; 'Two Poems from Cocktails' Luís Aranha, tr. Leo Temple; 'Late 2003' Greg Gerke; 'One Does, One Doesn’t' Fiona O’Connor; 'Three Poems' Yahya Hassan, tr. Jordan Barger; 'Trista in Duplicate' John Better Armella, tr. Michelle Mirabella; 'A Practical Guide for Those Who Want to Learn to Write as Little as Possible' Paolo Albani, tr. Jamie Richards; 'Glantz: A Prelude' Tobias Ryan; 'Poems' Kristian Doyle; 'Pith & Self-Defeating' Joshua Rothes; 'Commitment to Chush' Vik Shirley; 'Pants, from Gone to the Dogs ' Nicolás Poblete Pardo, tr. Claire Hirsch & Nicolás Poblete Pardo; 'Moving Towards the Point Beyond with Sarah M. Broom’s Memoir The Yellow House' Jörg Sternagel, Judith Wambacq & Volkmar Mühleis; 'from Santa Rosita and the Proliferating Pendulum' Mirko Lauer, tr. Judah Rubin; 'Three Poems' Marianna Geide, tr. James Womack; 'Working with Laure' Juan José Saer, tr. Jessica Sequeira.

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